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"Fat and Fit" may be better than "Skinny and Sedentary", with a question

Here's some interesting reading. I think last fall was the last time this concept went through the media:

Stephen Blair of the the Cooper Institute of Aerobics Research: Fitness, not Fatness, is the issue

Kenneth Cooper: 'Fat but fit' or 'skinny and sedentary'?

Can Being Fit Outweigh Fat? (Washington Post, Nov. 26, 2004)

Fat and Fit is Good! (Big Fat Blog, July 21, 2003)

A view from the other side:
De-Bunking the Myth:
"Fit and Fat" is Not What You Think
(Calorie Control Council)


I guess here's my question in all of this:

How many "normal" people -- normal meaing there are no atypical genetic medical conditions causing them to be obese -- can actually be fit and eat healthy and still be obese? That is, excluding those few who are quite simply fated to be fat, how many obese, fit, healthy eaters with stable body weights are out there? (If you are one, I'd like to hear about it, and if I could be nosy, I'd be interested in hearing about what you do for exercise, what kinds of things you eat, and about how many calories a day you eat on average.)

For me, doing the "right" things -- eat healthy, do cardio, lift weights, and eat between 2200 and 2500 calories/day day-in day-out (that is, eat plenty but not too much) -- with a focus on being healthy as much as losing weight, resulted in significant weight loss too, as a "natural" result of what I did.

Would that not be the case for most (but I realize perhaps not all)?




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Reid, what an excellent website and concept! I have been promoting breaking our food vices for years and am happy to see someone in so much agreement. In my bestselling book, Awaken the Diet Within, we first published the concept of "Vice Busting" and I write about it often to the 14 million readers at where I serve as their master motivator.

Vice Busting is the way to lose weight successfully and keep it off. Your first two vices busted, or promised as you put it, of soft drinks and fast food are the two biggest vices affecting the health of Americans today. Well done.

Glad to have your voice reaffirming the much needed message!

Carpe Diet! (that means seize the diet, I noticed that you tell people to seize the day, too! we are kindered souls)

Julia Havey

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